About Us

I'm Brett, the founder of hookandobber.com.

I'm an avid fisherman and a software engineer.
My family is made up of two smart and beautiful women, my wife, and my daughter and an awesome son.

I came up with the idea to plan fishing trips online because for the last few years
I've been going on an annual Ice fishing trip (Ice Fishing Extravaganza), and
planning this simple trip was a huge pain in the butt.

Each year, the 5 or so of us going on the trip would have over 200 'reply-all' emails in planning the trip:
    >Who can go on this date?
    >NO, OK. How about this date...?
    >Who's bringing an auger?
    >Do you have an extra pole?
    >I hate the Packers.
    >I hate you.
    >Bla Bla Bla, etc...

Now that we are all married with kids, it's quite the feat to figure out the best date.
I decided to capture the 200+ email fishing trip planning session into a web page.
Each fishing trip is an easy to use customizable web page.
I built a 'Trip Date Decider' module to figure out the best trip date.

A supply list lets you know who's bringing what.
I put in a photo album so that you can record your catches, and 'prove' your fish.
There's a message board for each trip page to help plan, but in most cases, it is used to talk trash.

My favorite part of having a fishing trip planned on a website is looking back on each trip.
You don't have to sift through your email box to relive the trip.
Also, it's nice to write in the message board where/how/when you caught fish.
And, being that all your trip info is in one spot, planning the next year's trip is easy.

I hope that you have fun planning your trip on my website.
Please provide me with any feedback good or bad.

Tight Lines,